Thomas & Micah Partner with Mortgage Capital Partners

Throughout our decade-long career in the mortgage business, we have continuously worked to improve the loan experience for our clients. We have created systems to simplify every aspect of the borrowing process; pre-approval, appraisal, loan programs and closing. All our efforts have only one goal - perfecting the client experience. Today we take this client experience to the next level and are proud to announce our partnership with Mortgage Capital Partners. 

Mortgage Capital Partners is a direct lender who provides $2 Billion in annual funding’s for home loans in the Los Angeles market. The unique advantage Mortgage Capital Partners has over most other lenders is the ability to handle 99.9% of all loans internally without investors reviewing the file. This is a game changer for more complex jumbo loans (loan amounts exceeding $625,500). 

With our new partnership comes added responsibility to you - our client. This is our promise...

APPRAISALS - We will continuously work to ensure that appraisers working our markets have a proven track record and have local expertise.  Reports will be provided within 24-48 hours of inspection. 

FULL UNDERWRITES - NO PRE-APPROVALS - before you make an offer, clients are fully approved by our underwriter. This ensures no surprises and allows for client's to place offers with NO LOAN CONTINGENCY. 

INTEREST RATES - By keeping a small and nimble processing team, we are able to pass the benefits to our clients via lower interest rates. 

PROCESS - Our group will maintain exclusive, onsite processing of our client's loans. This will allow for the smoothest, quickest mortgage approval and closing process. 

We appreciate your support and look forward to providing you with the perfect client experience.